Here we are month five of homeschool preschool. I changed the way I formatted my monthly updates and am trying to give you a little more information. Remember, most of the lessons I use come from this blog. Head over there to find out specific details if you want to recreate a lesson. I love the mix of art, cooking, music, literacy, math, science and movement.

I am thinking ahead and getting excited that in the fall my youngest and I will take the Parent/Tot class at our local preschool. We do plan on sending my three (almost four) year old to preschool in the fall of 2013. I have thought about this time and time again. I am being very selfish in the fact that I want her home with me. I don’t think she needed preschool this year. In my heart of hearts, I think with my teaching background, it made sense to have her home. I have loved the lesson planning, the time together, watching her grow, witnessing her love for reading and writing and being there when she began reading and writing her first words. Being such a big role in her learning is something I will cherish forever and I have my husband to thank for making it possible that I am home. It worked out so nicely that my youngest would nap and my oldest and I had this chunk of time together. But in the end, two days a week next year is what we decided on. Then the following year we plan to send her to half day kindergarten. It breaks my heart to think about her going to school but I do realize that all parents experience this pain of letting go as their children grow up.