I am elated to introduce you to the Mrs. Parker. She is today’s blogger for The Potato Chip Champ Blog tour!

Head on over to her fabulous blog filled with teaching ideas that connect to the Common Core.

Sharing with Bryan Chick? I met with a Michigan author yesterday and shared ideas on what we do at our school assemblies, his experiences with his publisher and my experiences looking for an agent/publisher. It was an inspiring visit. Bryan said some things that really motivated me and boosted my confidence in my search for something bigger and better in the publishing business. Remember a week ago when I blogged about trying something different in order to work with the agent of my dreams? Unfortunately, I received a big fat NO from that agent. I was sad for a few minutes and have moved on! Literally, my 2013 goal in my business is to find a company or agent to work with and it’s only January 15th. It’s going to work out 🙂

Anyhow, I want you to check out Bryan’s work. He has four books and it sounds like one or two that are getting ready to be released. His series is called The Secret Zoo. I haven’t read any of the books yet but thanks to Bryan’s generosity I will read them soon (and I will share my thoughts with you here!)

This month’s article I wrote on The Beaumont Parenting Blog is about Kindle Fire and Ipad App recommendations!