I write a lot on this blog about the importance of family and above all, balance. Making time for myself, my husband and my family are all parts of adding to my inner peace. It’s not easy but recognizing that it’s not and taking action make it better. I am almost done with the book Daring Greatly. A lot of the book talks about how women are super hard on themselves to be the perfect wife and the perfect mother. It also talks about how we judge other mothers and if we look at what we are judging them on, it typically stems from what we are insecure about in our own parenting. It discusses having compassion for other mothers, seeing them as a part of your team, instead of feeling like there’s some sort of competition between you and them. I think there is a lot of truth to this. I am so hard on myself when we have an off day (my girls and I) which is truly a part of life!

This week I invited friends on a mother/daughter date. There were ten of us (we missed you Karen) who met up first for coffee and hot cocoa then we headed to the Children’s Theater next door to see a musical. It was a special day and one I will cherish. Hearing little girls talk about Glenda the Good Witch and how she really wasn’t a witch and my daughter whispering little questions in my ear every three or four minutes, it was precious!

We made it extra special by dressing up. I let her put on my red lipstick and she let me do her hair. You can see in the picture below that her sister wanted in on the action, jumping into the picture before we left the house! I don’t think it has to be anything big, maybe a date to get hot cocoa with one of your kids.