My friend Meg and I started a non-profit back in 2008. It’s called Making Spirits Bright. Our mission is to inspire others to volunteer.

We visit a local senior home every year for Christmas Caroling. This year might have been our biggest year yet! There was a room full of residents when we walked in for the event. We try to be organized, but we’re not. We try to sing our hearts out, but we still can’t carry a tune.The most important part is seeing our senior friends smile, laugh and clap their hands as they sing along. They especially like seeing our children dancing and prancing around the room.

When I spoke to the group on Sunday, I mentioned how it was a gift to us that they have us in their home for this event. It’s so true. Volunteering brings so much joy and happiness not only to those who are giving their time, but to those who receive the rewards. It is my hope that my girls learn about compassion and love when we partake in events like this as a family.

Thank you to our friends who participated this year!