Yesterday I read Emily’s Christmas Gifts by Cindy and Peggy Post to my girls. I was expecting it to be a book that preached holiday manners since it is part of the Emily Post children’s library. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The story is about Emily who loves this time of year, not because she looks forward to getting gifts but because she is so excited to give them. She does a number of things as “gifts” such as helping others which do not require money to buy. Emily shows manners when her family hosts a holiday meal but everything is done in a witty, entertaining fashion. The book does not sound like it is preaching but modeling good behavior through Emily actions. Of course, Emily is happy on Christmas morning to open her gifts!

I read the book before naptime and when I went to join my husband and daughter before bedtime, my husband had already read the book (twice in one day, happens a lot around here) to her. He said he really liked it and “How about that letter to parents? That was great!” Yes, there is a letter to parents in the back that talks about the holidays and how to teach your children manners during times you might not think. For example, saying hello and goodbye to guests when you host a party and being thankful for gifts by writing thank you notes. I cherished this sentence the most,

The most important thing you can give your children is the understanding that there are other gifts to give at Christmas–caring, sharing, helping, smiling and loving. -Cindy and Peggy Post

I recommend the book!