Wednesday mornings I am home from teaching a spin class by 6:45, showered and ready before the family wakes up. It’s my productive morning when I can usually get a few work tasks in before the sun rises!

This morning was different. I stayed at the gym talking to one of my students (remember, these students are adults) for quite sometime. It was such a meaningful conversation that I thought I should share.

The lady I was talking to works with parents. I don’t want to share too many details so please bear with me. Her job is tough. She deals with a ton of negativity and some really tough situations. We need people like this in the world to help fight battles we may not be able to fight on our own. Long story short, she was telling me about her mom. She said that all through out her life, she knew, there was NO QUESTIONING it, it wasn’t her against the world when the going got tough. No, it was her and her mom, who stood right by her. She told me that children should never doubt their parents love or the fact that their parents will be there for them. In her line of work, she will not represent clients who don’t portray this type of unconditional love for their children. She does not support them if they are not 100% their child’s advocate.

I haven’t stop thinking about this conversation. I will always remember it. It just so happens that when I got home, my oldest was crying for me. She was telling my husband that she wanted her mama (she never does this because I am normally home way before she wakes up). I was there and that felt good.

What is it that we can do so that our children know we are always there for them (even if we are not physically there all the time)? Show compassion, model love and grace, admit to our mistakes, say we are sorry, forgive them for their mistakes…to name a few. I think it’s all about being ourselves (not perfect, but real) and always making the effort to love them for who they are! And this, is what a real life super hero is.

I have some super hero mama friends I am thinking about. A friend with 3 out of 4 kiddos who have had a bad case of the flu and two other pals with little ones in the hospital. These are not easy situations, even for a super hero.

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