There are loads of resources out there with ideas for advent calendars. We started ours on December 1st. Here’s the list of what we are doing this month as we prepare for Christmas. Our calendar is not completely religious but I tried to add a lot of Random Acts of Kindness in there since this is the time of year we think about gratitude, compassion and giving.

December 1st-“Elf” some neighbors

December 2nd-Look under your pillow (a little santa toy)

December 3rd-Tree Lighting ceremony in our town

December 4th-Read “Auntie Claus

December 5th-Make Christmas crafts

December 6th-Watch Santa’s video for us

December 7th-Create Christmas pictures for our garbage collectors-put in a bag with hand warmers

December 8th-Family Game Night

December 9th-Visit Santa and his Reindeer

December 10th-Pancake picnic for dinner by our Christmas tree

December 11th-Bring hot cocoa to The Salvation Army workers (they collect clothing outside)

December 12th-Make Chalk messages outside for our neighbors

December 13th-Paint all the little “piggies” in our house red with stripes like candy canes!

December 14th-Leave candy cane blessings on cars

December 15th-Wrap gifts

December 16th-Christmas Caroling and our North Pole Party

December 17th-Breakfast with friends in our pajamas

December 18th-Pass out coffee gift cards on cars in the parking lot of Biggby

December 19th-Look under your pillow (Christmas Dance Cd) Dance party to holiday tunes

December 20th-Make snowman pizza

December 21st-Make Christmas Cookies for neighbors & Dance Staff

December 22nd-Look under your pillow (a letter from Georgie)

December 23rd-Georgie the Elf leaves us breakfast

December 24th-Open one gift and say goodbye to Georgie

December 25th-Read the Story of Christmas (children’s bible) and our new book.

Advent calendar ordered on Etsy here.

Other sites I got advent calendar ideas from: