Social Media is scary and overwhelming at times. I’ve resisted it many times and give myself a hard time for doing so. Being a small business owner, I need to participate. But when you meet people like my guest blogger, Danielle Dowling, it reminds you how fabulous it can be! Danielle is truly a breath of fresh air. Danielle is out of LA and is a relationship coach. She speaks not only about relationships but about living a powerful life. I am getting so much out of reading her blog. I think you will love what she has to share about giving, especially during this time of year.

Danielle inspires adults to live their best life. I write to inspire children to live their best life.

We make a great team!

Without further ado…

The Wisdom of Giving and Deserving (Why it Works)

Hey. Hey you.

You deserve:

kisses in the morning
to be listened to
hugs when you walk through the front door
to be seen + celebrated for what is seen
to change your mind
to receive a return call, text and/or email in a reasonable time frame
to be appreciated
deep breaths
thought innovation
a connection to spirit
to feel worthy
to start over
to be asked how your day was
to make a living anyway you want
a time out
to sleep in
an empty inbox
to do work you are passionate about “ work that strengthens you
a free pass
the option to say no
or yes
higher consciousness
less anxiety
less frustration
less friction

We all deserve: forgiveness, space, sleep, partnership, time out
+ the opportunity to achieve higher consciousness.

Not just you. But all of us.

I heard a saying once that has stayed with me.
The world gives to the giver + takes from the taker.

So give.
Give what you so rightly deserve + crave.
Bust through the self-centeredness + scarcity.
There is enough for all.

Shower us with your generosity of heart.
Give and
give and

And watch us enthusiastically return all you have ever desired.

(+ deserve)

© 2012 Danielle Dowling

Danielle Dowling, M.A., is a writer, relationship expert + coach. She’s an intuitive strategist who works with women leaders who are ready to stop comprising on the things that matter most ” self-realization, soulful companionship and accessing your innate power. Danielle helps women create lives they love to live in. Find her on Twitter or Facebook and pop by for regular doses of rapid fire wisdom.