As a part of my monthly resolution, I have been making more time for reading. I just finished Gretchin Rubin’s new bestseller, Happier At Home.

For those of you who enjoy goal setting and self-improvement, this is the book for you. Actually, I would start with The Happiness Project first.

Both books are very similar. In The Happiness Project, Gretchen has a resolution for each month. In her new book, she follows her children’s school schedule and started with new resolutions in September and went until school ended in May.

I am not aiming for perfection over here. Although I love the little things that make my life happier and that’s what I have gotten out of reading and creating my own Happiness Project. I will admit that I am not as regimined as Gretchen. She emailed me her resolutions chart where you check off daily if you are adhereing to your goals and staying focused. That was too much for me. I reflect at the beginning and end of each month and here and there through out the month.

But, that’s what I like so much about Gretchen’s writing. She’s super honest and I love that about people. For example, one month she had the idea to plan an adventure out with her husband once a month. When she approached her husband on the topic, he wasn’t too excited. She brought it up again a few more times and no luck. She didn’t embelish or add to the story. I appreciated her honesty.

You might be wondering what these monthly goals or resolutions were. Here is the recap, for each month, she breaks it down into sub categories. I didn’t take notes while I read but I will be going back to all of my doggy eared pages to try a few things in my own life.

September: Possessions

October: Marriage

November: Parenthood

December: Interior Design

January: Time

February: Body

March: Family

April: Neighborhood

May: Now-The Present

I have one life to live. If I can do a few simple things to make each day a happier place for myself, it will, in turn, be passed onto those in my family. I’ve really enjoyed both of Gretchen’s books and I like to hop on over to read her blog every now and then for inspiration as well.

If you want to learn more about starting your own happiness project, watch this short one-minute video. Here is a link to a review of my own Happiness Project.