Today I want to share a few things I’ve learned recently about Grace.

Grace is defined as a disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency.

Here are some notes and thoughts I took away from my book study group on the title, The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer.

Grace is having peace and serenity despite the circumstances.

Grace is peace and beauty rather than friction and discord.

A woman of grace, is a woman committed to being gracious, promoting peace, overlooking shortcomings, providing an environment which her family can flourish-even when living in less than desirable circumstances.

There was this great example about a wife who in her head, had a way that each person in her family should act and be. They said it was like the “script” she had written for everyone. But when the members of her family did not behave or react according to this “script” she had, she felt let down and upset. Here’s how I see it, unless you tell the members of your family what your expectations are of them, they will not know. Sometimes, we have unrealistic expectations for the people we love. For example, I’m furious at my husband because he didn’t fold the clothes on the bed. Did he know I wanted him to do it? No. Should he read my mind? No. Do I want him to just want to fold the clothes? No, because that would be wanting him to be someone he is not. So the man I married walks past a pile of clothes and doesn’t fold them. I’m okay with this 😉 A woman of grace in this situation either asks her husband to help her with folding the laundry or does it herself without having ill feelings towards anyone.

I love what grace can bring to our lives. I have my days when circumstances over power and I am not a woman of grace (maybe that example above was an example from my own life!) I am happy to have found this book and this group of women to discuss topics such as contentment and grace.

One more quote to leave you thinking about Grace…

We do not want family members who live without authenticity and joy because they are so focused on living up to your expectations.

Get honest with yourself and release the people in your home from the fantasy and delusion that you’ve created.

What’s best for your family? Nurturing an atmosphere in which children can genuinly flourish-this is what grace does.

We want genuine relationships and life.

Real life. ~Priscilla Shirer