Traditions are special. I love this holiday for the reason that we get to spend time talking about how grateful we are for what we have and for traditions. Last night was funny, only having made a turkey three times, I still have a hard time finding the bag of “stuff” in the cavities of the bird. I was on the phone with my friend at 9 pm as she described to me what her and her mom do! I think it’s fun that this is all still new to us. Our first year hosting Thanksgiving, our turkey wasn’t done until 10 pm. The second year, we forgot the bag of “stuff” and found it while carving the turkey. What will happen this year????

Here are some of our Thanksgiving Traditions:

  • Since I was 19 years old, I’ve been running in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Detroit. I ran pregnant, with a baby but I’ve skipped a few years here and there.
  • Every year there’s some sort of drama the morning of the race. One year there was a thunderstorm and we weren’t going to go, then we changed our minds and showed up late. This year, we made it just after the start and ran our little hearts out down the streets of Detroit looking for the runners. We caught up, passed the walkers and ended running much further than the 5k we planned on doing (mind you, we also had the double stroller during all of this!)
  • A few years ago, my friend Meg joined the race tradition and we made going to breakfast a tradition as well. We enjoy Honest John’s in Detroit.
  • For years, my Dad used to take my sister and I to the parade. My sister is there today (she runs the race too) to watch the parade!
  • This is my third year hosting Thanksgiving at our house. As long as we are home by noon, we can pull it together (with plenty of prep a few days prior.)

Have a blessed day with your loved ones!