Juggling work, home life and homeschooling is getting more challenging each day. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am seeing so many benefits of having my three year old at home with me. Our relationship has blossomed, she begs for “school-time” which I think is the cat’s meow and she is showing some amazing reading readiness behaviors!

Each week stands for a different letter of the alphabet. Then I teach her about several different things that start with that letter. The pictures with lessons below are just a few of the lessons I taught in a week. Again, I try to make sure we have the following in our weekly lessons: fine and gross motor activities, music, movement, cooking, pretend play and a field trip! I have been happy with the resources I have found at The Preschool Alphabet Blog. Since the baby is still napping, it works out that my three-year-old gets time alone with me for her lessons and time to watch a television show (since I don’t allow the baby to watch tv. She has to wait until she is at least two!). If and when the baby’s nap changes, we will have to figure out how to get these lessons in!