I have a few fun things to share that we have been working on as we approach the big holiday!

1. Make Pumpkin Muffins. There are a million recipes out there and they are delicious with a cup of joe.

2. Glue Ghosts: Give your kiddo a bottle of Elmer’s Glue and let them pour the shape of a ghost on some wax paper.

Stick a few googly eyes on the ghost and let it dry. It will take a few days! Carefully pull off the ghosts once it’s dry and you have some spooky decorations! Idea from Preschool Alphabet.

3. Upper and Lowercase Letter Word Search. I found this activity on Pinterest. I put a bunch of magnetic letters in a pumpkin bucket. Printed off the alphabet wordsearch and let my girl play. She pulled a letter out, looked for the matching letter on the wordsearch and highlighted the letter. Literacy and learning all in one game!

4. Sing and Dance along to The Skeleton Dance!

5. Count pumpkin seeds. Write numbers on sticky notes and have your child count out the same number of seeds to match the number on the note.

6. Create a fall tree like the one in the picture below using wine corks to stamp the leaves (original source).

7. Mmm…let your little one put eyes and a mouth to make a Ghost face on a Vienna Finger cookie (a nutter butter will work too, some people suggest dipping the cookies in white chocolate for more of a ghost appearance, too much for our bellies over here!)