October is National Bullying Prevention Awarenss Month.

This week is Character Counts week.

From all of the research I have done on teaching our children to stand up against bullying, whether it be for themselves or for a friend, we want to strengthen that child’s character so that they have the courage to handle any situation that comes their way!

If you are a parent, check out this website. Pin it. Bookmark it. Don’t forget all of the resources that I share here. If you haven’t read my favorite character coach, Barbara’s website, Corner on Character, today is a great day to check it out!

If you are a teacher, you can make a difference by educating parents on character in your newsletters on top of teaching lessons to your students in your classroom.

I came across this great reminder for parents on important chracter traits to reinforce in the home. It’s a tips sheet that can be downloaded for free here.