The Juice Box Bully was the second book I wrote with co-author Bob Sornson, and illustrator Kim Shaw. I was pleased to find out that The Juice Box Bully won a GOLD Mom’s Choice Award. This is a very reputable award and all three of my current books have received the GOLD award now!

Bob and I worked together on the book back in 2011. Although we no longer collaborate on writing projects, we both still share a common goal: to empower children to stand up for others. Bob is a speaker for Love and Logic, the founder of the Early Learning Foundation and now he is the author of the Stand Up/ Speak Up Program, teaching children to make the choices to stand up and speak up for themselves and others. The more people spreading awareness on bullying, the better!

The Juice Box Bully is ranked #1 in the Bully section of children’s books on Amazon and is ranked in the top 500 bestselling books on Amazon (following in Spaghetti’s footsteps with this one!!!)

I am feeling like a proud mama 🙂

Photos: Bob, Kim and I at the book signing. Credit: Jen Geer Photography