We have completed one month of preschool at home!

A few thoughts: I loved the lesson planning, really took me back to my days in the classroom (This is my second school year on a childcare leave) and I really treasured the one-on-one time with my three year old. We have “school” while my younger daughter takes her morning nap. I will admit that prepping the lessons can be a bit challenging because of the time involved but it all got done!

I want to share bits and pieces with my readers. I have been very pleased with all the resources out there in the homeschooling community. I primarily get my lessons from Lindsy over at Preschool Alphabet. Then I fill in with activities and lessons I find via Pinterest. I am following Lindsy’s suggestion of focusing on one letter per week. I like this because each day I teach a different theme but the themes all focus on the same letter. I then strive to teach lessons that focus on different types of learning like fine and gross motor, music, math, literacy, pretend play, cooking and art.

Below are a few of the lessons and activities I taught during month one of homeschooling!

P.S. Notice my daughter is in her pajamas a lot during school time 🙂 A benefit of homeschooling.