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First I want to apologize for being away! I started homeschooling two weeks ago and I started presenting at schools again last week so it’s been really busy around here. I am trying to figure out my new normal, while at the same time keeping my life balance in check.

I started an online class last night called God Is My Publicist. It is a three part series by Gabrielle Bernstein.

My friend Meg first told me about Gabby when she took a class with her. I then read an article in the Experience Life Magazine written by Gabby. Gabby is awesome and I think you should start learning about her by clicking on the link in the sentence before this one! She reminds me of Wayne Dyer and a lot of what she says reminds me of the book, The Secret. I have gotten a lot out of both listening to Wayne Dyer’s lectures as well as reading the book, The Secret.

This class I am taking is all about finding clarity with the message you want to share with the world, otherwise known as your mission. Once you decide on this statement and accept that your business is no longer about you, that you are here to serve others, you will start seeing things manifest in your life! It’s super positive and enlightening. I can’t wait to learn more. It’s not too late to sign up. We have two more classes in the future. Sign up here.

If your work is backed with intention to serve, it will be wildly supported. When our intention is to serve the greater WE rather than ME, an invisible force takes over and energizes the entire project.”Gabrielle Bernstein