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I have a story to share. A few weeks ago I was at the library with the girls. We absolutely, hands down, love our weekly trip to the house of books. This particular day there were two little girls playing in the tree house puppet show. My daugther sat down to watch the show. The girls were so cute making up songs and best of all, entertaining both of my girls! Then it was my big girl’s turn. She sang Old MacDonald and showed so much courage to perform in front of her small audience. And then….the librarian told us that there was no singing allowed in the children’s area. I looked at her very confused and didn’t say anything. She proceeded to tell me they were too loud. I was an elementary school teacher for 11 years, I know loud. They were no where near an inappropriate level. I told the librarian it didn’t make sense that they couldn’t sing and act in a puppet show. She went on and on and on and on and I didn’t fight her on it. I want to be respectful and be a role model for my little ladies. However, I also believe in being your child’s advocate. This rule is just plain silly so I contacted the head librarian and shared my concerns. I felt better knowing that 1. There wasn’t actually a rule that singing was not allowed in the children’s section of our library ( đŸ™‚ ) and that 2. I spoke up for something I was really bothered by.

Which leads me to this movie trailer. I can’t say I truly “love” this movie since I haven’t seen it but I will say I love the trailer. It shows a mother’s determination to do what she believes to be best for her child. That is what I think we should focus on as parents. It wasn’t about getting the librarian in trouble, it was about making sure that other children were not told to stop exhibiting their creativity in the puppet show (mainly MY child). My friend Danielle has always told me to trust my gut as a mother and to be my children’s advocate. Wonderful advice!

Okay friends—who wants to go see this with me for a girl’s night out?

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