Mamas have decisions to make that aren’t always easy. They are decisions that are right for their family and may not be a great choice for other familes. Isn’t it amazing how different families are? How about all of the different sided opinions there are when parents bring up topics like pacifiers, co-sleeping and crying it out? I could go on and on about this topic, but I won’t.

After many anxiety filled thoughts, I decided to keep my oldest home from preschool this year and homeschool her… Gasp! My teacher friends are probably rolling their eyes. Before becoming a parent, I might have done the same thing when hearing about homeschooled children (although I really didn’t because my aunt and uncle homeschooled their children and did a FABULOUS job and both their children are talented in so many areas!)

I have a long list of reasons and thoughts on the topic. I hesitate to share them for fear of offending others. But here’s the deal, I am not judging the choices we make for our families as mamas. We all have our reasons. Here are some of mine for homeschooling my three year old: I am on a leave from teaching, why not teach? It’s only for one year—I didn’t even start preschool until I was four. My child will be in kindergarten in two years and I want this time for us together! She has the rest of her life to be in school. I studied child development, what better way to use my degree than on my own babies? We will have flexibility in our schedule to go on field trips and fun adventures. I can’t bear the thought of dropping her off to a school for 5 hours a week (I am weak, I know.)

So, there it is. Homeschooling. This week we went school supply shopping. It was cute. My girl picked out her own pencils, folder and crayons.

Here are the basics of how I am organizing our school:

1. Each week represents a letter of the Alphabet. The preschool I am sending her to at age four will not do this so I thought this was a fun way to organize our weeks.

2. I am happy to be getting SEVERAL ideas and lessons from this teacher. I love that she includes cooking, fine and gross motor, music, movement, literacy and creative activities for each week.

3. The way these lessons are organized, one week is not “Letter A-Animals all week” It’s open to many subjects in a week: Letter A: Ants, Apples, Alligators, etc. We can take breaks for Holiday themes too (always important!)

4. I have a lesson plan form I found online that I tweaked and am using.

5. There is a tub in our kitchen where I will keep all of the books, materials and what not for that week’s lessons. Plan ahead for success!

6. Field trips-this is what I am most excited for. During week 4, we learn about the letter D. I plan on going to this Asian Donut Shop in town that I have heard so much about for delcious baked, not fried, donuts!

One of the concerns that people have brought up when I told them what I am doing is the social development aspect of preschool. We’ve got that covered with dance class, storytime at the library and playdates!

Stay tuned to hear about our adventures this fall!