I was given an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution by Paul Huljich to review. Given the fact that I am working on my very own Happiness Project this year, this book was something I could totally relate to. It came to me at a great time in my life.

Five Things I Loved About the Book:

1. There are 9 steps that Paul suggests to readers in order to survive, master stress and to live well. Following are the nine steps and something valuable (excerpts from the book) that I took away from each step:

Take Charge: Putting time aside for your own health and development enhances all the other activities in your life; it allows you to more fully enjoy being with friends, working, and creating, as you are able to live with greater freedom from stress. In time you will be far more productive, functioning at a higher level with increased contentment and enjoyment.

Kick Your Bad Habits: Coping mechanisms mask the true stress you are experiencing in your life, preventing you from dealing with the source of the problem. This stress can frow and become truly harmful if it is left unchecked.

Learn to Say No: Undesirable situations in our lives are often the result of failing to listen to our innermost feelings. Denying your true feelings due to fear of the response or because you are eager to please will only cause resentment in the long run as your discontent with a situation accumulates.

Affirmations: It is our responsibility to identify what we want and need and to ask for this from the universe. We can then both consciously and subconsciously work toward achieving that reality.

Exercise: Walking and exercise prevent the rusting of the mind and body.

Nutrition: Paul does not recomment counting calories or focusing on any one food group while neglecting others. THANK YOU FOR writing this chapter. I am so tired of hearing about fad diets and how people truly believe they are good choices for their health. Paul writes about what to avoid and foods to live by.

Sleep: Most adults need between 7 1/2 to 9 hours of sleep a night. (Yikes, I need to work on this one)

The Power of Awareness: As you discover more ease and health in your life, allow yourself to embrace the present moment, enjoying fully what life has to offer, here and now. In the wonderful words of my husband: be complete with being incomplete. Love him for his healthy reminders.

Don’t Give Up: Understand that it is natural to stumble; the courage is in getting back up.

These steps seem like obvious ways to reduce stress, but then why is society all so anxious and stressed out? Paul writes in a very simplistic way that allows readers a chance to feel like these steps are realistic and that they can gain control of their anxiety levels!

2. Paul’s story. I don’t want to spoil it for you but he was in a very bad place and came out of it using these 9 steps. His story was inspiring to read and could easily motivate others to do something different in their lives to make a change. He developed these 9 steps from his own experiences and doesn’t hold back sharing his story with readers. When I can make a connection to the author, I have a better respect for what they are writing.

3. I don’t see myself as a person who suffers from a lot of stress but I STILL found this book to be very useful. I highlighted, doggy eared pages and made notes to myself about things I could incorporate into my own life.

4. Paul’s book is backed by research. He has both a References and Resources section with information if you want to know more, this is the place to go.

5. There are quotes highlighted in orange through out the book that I really enjoyed. They helped tie together the chapter quite nicely.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About:

1. Paul’s story of how he changed his life around is pretty impressive. He went from having a serious illness and taking medications to taking himself off the meds. I do worry that others who suffer from mental illnesses will take themselves off their medications, follow the nine steps and think they will be cured. Paul mentions this in his Letter to Readers that he did this under the careful supervision of his psychiatrist but I still worry about readers thinking this is a “cure” from mental illnesses.

I would recommend purchasing this easy-to-read book. You will walk away from reading it feeling empowered to make subtle changes in your life that will bring you great results!
About the Author:

Paul Huljich co-founded Best Corporation, a pioneering organic foods company of which he was chairman and joint-CEO. In leading the company to great success, during which its value grew to more than $100 million, he eventually developed a number of severe stress-related conditions. Ultimately, he was diagnosed by several psychiatrists in 1998 as suffering from bipoloar disorder as a result of years of unchecked stress. That year, he experienced a full nervous breakdown, losing his rights as a citizen and being made a ward of the state.

Despite seeking the best care available, Huljich was informed that there was no cure and that he would inevitably relapse. Determined to free himself of his conditions, he began a comprehensive search for answers. He traveled to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and admitted himself to the Menninger Clinic in Kansas.

Aided by exhaustive research, Huljich ultimately succeeded in mastering stress, overcoming his conditions and achieving a healthy, positive way of life by developing and implementing his nine-step overall wellness plan.

Since the year 2000, Huljich has not taken any medication related to his conditions, suffered any relapse nor needed any further treatment regarding any kind of mental illness. He has fully cured himself and has never felt better.

Huljich is the father of three sons: Mark, Simon and Richard. He resides in New York City for most of the year and visits his homeland, New Zealand, regularly.

You can purchase the book here.

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