I know the title is random but I know these two things don’t connect and I wanted to write about both of them today so I AM!

1. Breastfeeding:

I was featured as a Guest Blogger on Friday over at The Bare Blog. I disussed the successes and challenges we had breastfeeding.

2. Water Safety

We live on a lake so water safety has always been on my mind. I have read a number of things about water saftey and here are three things I have in my head at all times!!!!

First: Don’t assume anything. I have witnessed a drowning before and it can happen in a split second. It’s scary and serious and should not be taken lightly. We are struggling because my youngest cries in her lifejacket when we are on the boat. I worry about bothering the other people on the boat. Safety first, afterawhile she will get used to it!

Second: I read something called the 10:20 rule. Stay within 10 feet of your child while they are swimming and be able to reach them in 20 seconds.

Third: The Safety Turtle. This is a great safety bracelet my family pitched in to get my oldest daugher for her first birthday. It is a bracelet she wears and the second it gets wet, an alarm sounds. There is a sticker to remind you to use the bracelet. Before now, it was only my oldest and I and it wasn’t hard to watch her outside by the lake. But now that she is learning to unlock doors, I see her wearing the bracelet a lot more in the future! When we have big parties and the kids aren’t swimming, I think it’s a great time for her to wear this bracelet too. Remember, the water can be so dangerous and like I said in #1, never assume anything!

For more on Water Safety for children, read here.