Back in May, I had the monthly resolution to make more time to do things for me, Maria the woman not Maria the wife or author or mother or fitness instructor or housekeeper, etc. I used to take online photography and digital scrapbooking classes every now and then. Then life took over and I stopped. Enter free photo editing class and BAM! I’m back. This week I took a class through Jessica Sprague. Two things I enjoy about the classes on her website? 1. You can take the classes on YOUR TIME. They are video tutorials so you can do them anytime through out the day and 2. They are available to you FOREVER. The videos and class materials are always there for you to refer back to.

Here are some samples of what I learned in the class this week.

Day One: Edit a Photo
Day Two: Create A Quick Page
Day Three: Add Frames and Textures to A Photo
Day Four: Create A Blog Header
Day Five: Make a Card
(I will have to add my card later, this webinar is live and it’s later in the day today)