Along the way, I’ve learned that beauty products containing certain chemicals can be hazardous to your health since they get absorbed into your body so easily through your skin. I know it’s near impossible to buy everything organic and live a completely chemical free lifestyle. Trust me, I’ve tried this and since we live on a well, we need some nasty chemicals to clean the rust out of our toilets! All Natural was not cutting it!

Here’s some helpful information about sunscreen. It’s an area I’ve chosen to spend the extra money and use good products on my family’s skin, especially since we live on a lake and are outside so much. I walked out of Target the other day with four tubes of sunscreen and a bill of over $80. What’s good for you, isn’t always what’s affordable.

All Natural: refers to plant-based products without the use of additives and preservatives.

Organic: organic refers to chemical-free farming standards. Organic sunscreens are those containing organic agricultural ingredients that are produced and processed

Ingredients to look for: the safest sunscreen minerals–zinc oxide and titanium dioxide–are used in organic sunscreens. Some of the many popular natural ingredients added to sunscreens include skin-soothing botanicals such as lavender, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, green tea extract and coconut oil.


There are several benefits beyond the ultraviolet A and B sun protection you will receive when you use organic sunscreens. For example, you can get sun protection without having to subject yourself to preservatives, additives or chemical sunscreens, such as oxybenzone. Another benefit is organic sunscreens are safe for babies, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics. Also, when you buy sunscreen with organic agricultural ingredients, you are supporting organic farmers.

The following list is a sample of some safe, natural and organic sunscreens evaluated by the Environmental Working Group.

Badger Sunscreen SPF 30
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive SPF 30

Baby Ganics

Burt’s Bees

California Baby

Detailed list of safe products.

Here’s a list of products on the “Hall of Shame” for Sunscreens according to the Environmental Working Group.

Do you want to know more? This page of 2012 highlights has some helpful information in choosing a sunscren that’s right for you!

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