Last night my friend Emily and I met our favorite blogger, writer, and mama, Kelle Hampton.

You’ve heard me mention her here before. I shared her book trailer with you and I reviewed her book as well. Oh, recently I mentioned her interview on The Happiness Project Blog as well. Last week, we had a book club Skype session with her to dicuss her book, Bloom. It was great to tell her how much we loved her book and to ask questions about how she does it all!

Last night was better than book club. I was able to thank her, face-to-face. This really meant a lot to me. Through Kelle’s honest blog posts about motherhood and parenting, I have been inspired to be the best mama I can be. She lives in the moment. She looks at experiences from different perspectives and always through the lens of her camera. Her pictures are beautiful and remind me to capture these moments I am having with my little ladies because in the blink of an eye, they will be gone.

Emily and I gabbed with some ladies in line (along with a 2 week old baby and daddy) and made some small world connections. Then we met some women who drove down from Lansing and had a little pow wow with Kelle after the book signing. We sat and talked with her for what I wish could have been much longer. In that time, she told us about someone she met through the blog. A spiritual woman who was a strong supporter of hers. This woman shared things with Kelle that really hit home. She talked about the negative comments and feedback Kelle gets on the blog. Her advice? Remember those people who leave the negative comments, it’s their struggle. Something that they are dealing with. Choose to handle it with love and compassion. Love. This. What great advice! I do struggle with negativity and people in my life that can be “toxic.” Now I can have another word of wisdom from Kelle in the back of my head. Handle it with love. Choose compassion.

Emily, thank you for the great night!

Check out the fundraiser that will be taking place on Saturday, June 9th at Wiegand’s Nursery in Macomb, MI from 10-12. Proceeds from book sales and donations will go to Band of Angels. Head over there, meet Kelle and help make a difference!!!