Welcome to our third month of sharing ideas on teaching character traits! In April we shared ideas on teaching Empathy, in May we discussed Respect, and this month our focus is on Fairness.

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Parents and teachers are encouraged to link up their ideas below. This will serve as a resource for those who want to incorporate character education in children’s lives. It is not an automatic skill. To read more about character, I would like to send you over to my blogger buddy’s website, Corner on Character by Barbara. Barbara is amazing! She wrote about character ONCE A DAY for an ENTIRE year! Today marks the one year anniversary of her blog. Barbara is making a difference out there and I am proud to call her a friend!

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Next Month’s Character Trait: Citizenship

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Fairness means that everyone gets the same.”

Here is a great lesson in teaching fairness. Show your child or class this short Sesame Street video. Follow up with these questions to get your fairness discussion started.

1. Was Ernie being fair at the beginning when he offered Cookie Monster a bag of one cookie or a bag of many cookies?

2. How did Ernie make their bags of cookies “fair”

3. Does this remind you of a time where something was unfair in your life? Tell me about it.

Scholastic offers some great information on character development at their website. It’s part of Clifford the Big Red Dog’s “Be Big” Campaign. There are free coloring sheets and lesson plans on incorporating character into your teaching or parenting!