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I am teaching a stroller class right now until mid-June with my youngest child. It is so much fun to work out with other mamas and their babies.

Today I want to share some things I love in the world of fitness. I want to be a healthy role model to my children and I think that including them in some of my exercise routines is one way! Let me explain…

Running: My favorite way to fit in exercise is, by far, early in the morning before anyone is awake. I started doing this after college when I quickly realized that by working out early, it left time in the evenings for doing things I loved. It’s not always possible to get my workouts in early so I have learned other ways to fit it in.

We have both a single and double running stroller (thank goodness for hand-me-downs). If I can’t make it to the gym before the kids wake up and the weather is nice, I will take them on a run with me. I make it fun for all of us (okay, fun for them, not so much for me!) My oldest daughter holds my ipod and the mini speakers we got to plug it into for $2.50 on clearance at Target. She gets to control what songs on the playlist we listen to. I run the stroller to a park, we play for awhile (I might get some squats and lunges in) then we head back home. There’s also a nature trail at the park that we will sometimes explore.

Videos: I like to throw in a good old 20 minute workout video every now and then when I didn’t get to the gym or it’s raining outside. The key here to include your kids? Keep it short! Here are a few videos I own that are entertaining to my daughter and short. I get two workout mats and she plays along with me.

1.Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

2. The Biggest Loser Workout

3. MTV Pilates

Stroller Strides: If your local gym doesn’t offer a class like the stroller one I told you about, look into a local Stroller Strides class. They usually take place outside and are a ton of fun for both mom and baby/toddler!

Image: I think the hardest part for me is not only loving my body for exactly what it is, but being very careful what I say and do in front of my girls. My three year old listens to every bit of my conversations. If I am constantly saying things like, “Does this make me look fat?” or “I ate sooooo bad, I probably gained weight!” in front of my daughter, she will pick up on this type of behavior. I am human and I struggle with my image and weight from time to time. But I love who I am and the body I have more than ever these days. Those left over stretch marks on my stomach? They’re a reminder of the miracles I have at home. I strive to be a healthy role model who is confidant and is happy with herself for my girls! Find out more about raising confident girls, read about Girls on The Run!