Manners can and should be introduced at a very young age. You can model simple manners like please and thank you when you have an infant. You can incorporate sign language for these magical words. Teaching your child a song will liven things up a bit when you are reinforcing good manners instead of sounding like a broken record. Of course, there are books that can help teach good manners too! Check them out from your local library!

Please comment below if you have a fun way of teaching your children manners or if there is a great book that I should add to the list above.

Song sung to Freres Jacques

Please and thank you,

Please and thank you.

Sound so nice,

Sound so nice.

Manners are important,

Manners are important.

Be polite,

Be polite.

Basic Manners to Teach:


Thank you

I’m sorry

Excuse me or pardon me

Use your name and greet others, “Hi, I’m Maria. Nice to meet you!”

Give compliments

Wait your turn to talk

Chew with your mouth closed

Asked to be excused from the table

What am I forgetting?