Earlier this week I read Kelle Hampton’s blog and she challenged her readers to create their very own mini bucket list. So I did.

First of all, I was super excited that she mentioned one of my bucket list items in her blog post here, as ideas she got from readers to put on her future lists.

I did everything on my list. It felt really good. If you noticed, most of what I chose to do was for OTHER people. Paying it forward and random acts of kindness feel so. stinkin’. good.

1. Pay for someone’s order behind me in the drive through line —this was so fun I will do it again!

2. Spend a good afternoon taking pictures of my girls. I want there to be a lot of flowers in these pictures. Even better, I got flowers plus pictures in an amazing alley with graffitti!

3. Spa time with my daughter. Play music, paint nails and create fun hair dos in the bathroom with my girl-Kind of funny, my girl didn’t want to have her hair done or a facial but we did paint nails.

4. Hide a love letter in Dave’s shoe before work. First I put this in his black shoes but in the morning when I saw he was wearing browns, I quickly switched the note into his brown shoes. It made him smile.

5. Start “pinning” inspiration and ideas for the man cave/office we are decorating in the fall. I found some ideas. Can’t wait to get started with this project!

6. Pull out my scrapbooking supplies and SCRAP like I’ve nevered SCRAPPED before during naptime! I didn’t scrapbook but I DID fill in several pages of my little one’s baby book.

7. Make a well thought out list of all the ideas I’ve been thinking of for work then take a deep breath and remember it will all get done in due time. Done.

8. Make a care package for my Grandma in AZ and Gramps here in MI. They both went through scary medical situations recently and I want them to know they are loved. My girl helped me decorate the envelopes!

9. Burn music cds for our little friends. We passed them out on Friday night at a party.

10. Play DJ Mix-a-lot and burn summer cds for my lady friends and pass out this weekend. I made myself a cd too!

I highly recommend you make a mini bucket list and comment below with what you put on it. It helps jump start your week! Kelle said it might be a weekly thing for her, maybe for me too!

It’s 7:30 am and the house is quiet. It’s my birthday and I am feeling extra grateful today. Thank you for reading.