I have been super busy the last few days. I don’t want to use this as an excuse to stop doing what I enjoy. I will simply take on the challenge of trying to balance what needs to get done with what I want to do!

It’s a perfect week to take on Kelle Hampton’s Weekly Bucket List Challenge.

Here I go…

1. Pay for someone’s order behind me in the drive through line (I actually did this tonight when I went for an iced tea. It was the BEST feeling!!!!)

2. Spend a good afternoon taking pictures of my girls. I want there to be a lot of flowers in these pictures.

3. Spa time with Ruby. Play music, paint nails and create fun hair dos in the bathroom with my girl (thank you Kelle H.)

4. Hide a love letter in Dave’s shoe before work.

5. Start “pinning” inspiration and ideas for the man cave/office we are decorating in the fall.

6. Pull out my scrapbooking supplies and SCRAP like I’ve nevered SCRAPPED before during naptime!

7. Make a well thought out list of all the ideas I’ve been thinking of for work then take a deep breath and remember it will all get done in due time.

8. Make a care package for my Grandma in AZ and Gramps here in MI. They both went through scary medical situations recently and I want them to know they are loved.

9. Burn music cds for our little friends.

10. Play DJ Mix-a-lot and burn summer cds for my lady friends and pass out this weekend.

Come on readers, join me! Make a mini-bucket list for THIS week, print it out and have at it! What will be on your list? Please share in the comments below!

My birthday is on Sunday. I want to start the day with my daughter, volunteering in her Sunday school class. Then we’ll go home and get her little sister up from her morning nap (this is such a sweet moment with a lot of smiles being shared). We will play (hopefully go for a swim in the lake if it’s nice out). I want to read, put my feet up and maybe throw in the towel and make it “family nap time” (enter giggles from my recipe club ladies). Afterwards, together with the hubby and kiddos, I want to head over to the local Polish Festival for some naughty Elephant Ears and other carnival-like traditions. Hmm, maybe ride “Freak Out” and listen to some 80’s music under a big top tent? As I approach this birthday, I realize I have a lot of gray hair coming in. I am not going to be sad about it. I see it as a stepping stone into the next phase of my life. A phase where I accept myself for who I am, mind, body, mistakes, accomplishments, etc. I think of birthdays differently now. It’s not just my day, but it’s a special day for my mom too! I want to recognize her on Sunday too!

I had an online skype interview this week. You can view part one and part two on you tube.