I love a holiday. Yes, I believe that Mother’s Day is a holiday. So here is a list of wonderful children’s books that deal with mamas and their relationships with their little ones. If I am missing a book that you think needs to be on this list, please comment below!

1. Are You My Mother? PD Eastman

2. Someday-Alison McGhee

3. Mama, How Long Will You Love Me?

4. If I Could Keep You Little…Marianne Richmond

5. Love You Forever-Robert Muncsh

6. The Most Thankful Thing-Lisa McCourt

7. I Love You The Purplest-Barbara Joosse

8. You’re All My Favorite-Sam McBratney

9. Let Me Hold You Longer-Karen Kingsbury

10. When Mama Comes Home Tonight

11. Me And My Mom-Allison Ritchie

12. Mama’s Right Here-Liza Baker

13. The Night Before Mother’s Day-

14. Mother’s Day-Anne Rockwell

15. Mama’s Day Surprise-The Berenstein Bears

16. I Love You Always and Forever-Jonathan Emmett

17. Guess How Much I Love You-Sam McBratney

Grab a box of kleenex for my favorites on the list: Someday and The Most Thankful Thing