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Years ago, I used to take yoga classes at a studio about 15 minutes away. The classes were always packed and filled with loads of energy. After having my first baby, it was one of those things I let go. It was expensive and the class times were not convient for me. Being a fitness instructor, I know the importance of yoga, both for the mind and the body. I’ve tried doing videos at home, they work, but I wasn’t very consistent. I recently bought a inexpensive package for the yoga studio and enrolled a bff of mine to go to a class with me yesterday. It was AWESOME. I feel so strong this morning. We went to a 6 am class which works for my schedule and lucky us, we both had classes left on our accounts from three years ago! Mentally and physically, I am feeling recharged and I can’t wait until our next class!

If you can’t get to a yoga class, here is a great video that I’ve used at home. Once while visiting CA, I took a class by Brian Kest. He is the brother of Johnny who owns The Center for Yoga where I take classes here in Michigan.

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