This is the third time I am writing this post. My computer is on it’s last leg. I bought a new one on Tuesday and haven’t hooked it up yet. I think the universe is giving me a BIG sign that today is the day!

Congratulations to Clara for winning an autographed copy of the children’s book Nimpentoad. Contact me with your shipping information and we will be sure to get your prize to you pronto! Readers! Yes, you! I was shocked that there were only 23 entries for the contest. Spead the word of this blog, Be The Difference to your friends. Get the word out there. I have a lot of other giveaways coming up for YOU and I need to see more entries. I appreciate you spreading the love.

The title of this post is “I do it myself mama” because I have a three year old who has found her independance and likes every opportunity she can get to show us that she can do things herself! Since I am a nursing mama, it really helps me out that big sister wants to do things on her own. As a parent, we have to allow for this to happen though. It is SOOOO much faster for me to put her shoes on and zip up her coat. But, it gives her the confidence and builds her esteem when I make the time for her to do it herself.

Snacks: an easy “do it themselves” way to do handle snacks is to prep snack sized ziplocks ahead of time and put them in a place where your child can get them themselves. The same goes with snacks in the fridge. I make baggies ahead of time of carrots, grapes, etc. and place them in her basket in the fridge. This is a place she can go during snack time (twice a day, morning and afternoon) and grab her own snack. Last, I have her plates and cups in a place where she can get them for me when I am making lunch or when she needs a drink. It helps a mama out and builds your little ones self esteem that they are doing something on their own!