May is the month of my birthday and the month of mother’s day. Hooray for May! I came across this video tonight and it made me cry. I take my job as a mama very seriously…the same as loving mamas all around the world!

The first day of the month is a time to reflect on my monthly goals. Here’s a recap since the start of 2012, inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

Review of 2012 Goals

January: Health

(learn about Gluten Free Diets, start taking wheat grass shots, dry brushing, smoothies and hot water with lemon in the morning)

Follow-up: addicted to wheat grass and dry brushing. Smoothies and hot water (along with tea) have been easily incorporated into my daily routines. I have learned to cook with less gluten but by no means am I completely gluten free or do I want to be.

February: Romance

(focus on my marriage, making time for each other, schedule date nights and make dave feel appreciated!)

Follow-up: Every other week date nights has been unreaslitic with an unpredictable newborn at home, but we have done really good on every other week lunch dates while grandma babysits! We have also been making a lot of time for each other on the weekends, whether it be with the girls or not. This makes me happy 🙂

March: Aim Higher (work)

(revise my current programs, develop outlines for my new programs, work with Pure Heart Studios on new blog format)

Follow-Up: March was a great month for work. I had almost 100 student letters written to me that I “promised” to answer and I have! I revised my current programs, didn’t get an outline for my new program yet and have launched a new program on my blog. I continue to aim higher in work. I have booked several schools for Fall 2012 and Winter 2013.

April: Parenthood

(being present, a role model, say no less (lighten up), write my 10 commandments, and write my new book.)

The new book is almost complete. I had an excellent month focusing on parenthood. We went without tv on most days and because I was so focused on the kids, it didn’t make a difference that I didn’t have the break on those days. I was able to talk to friends on the phone during nap time more and less while my girls were awake. I used a technique I read in The Happiness Project and I feel like it’s a part of my daily language now! Instead of saying No, I say Yes. For example “Yes, you can have another cookie, tomorrow.” Instead of contstantly nagging! We had our spontaneous moments and I scheduled Daughter’s Day. It’s going to be a date with my little ladies two weeks from Mother’s Day. A tradition where they get to decide what we do together!

May: Me, Me, Me

This month I will focus on myself. I want to focus on making time for my creativity, go to bed earlier, continue to organize my work and play files and continue to do things that I love and enjoy (like get the girls in the bike trailer and start riding outside!)