Book Review: Bloom by Kelle Hampton

I’ve just finished reading the book Bloom by Kelle Hampton.

At the end of May, I get to attend a book club where we will get to skype with the author. I am really looking forward to this event. I’ve been reading Kelle’s blog for a few years now. It totally draws you in. She has an excellent way with words. Serious and witty all in the same post.

The book was a super quick read. My favorite part of the book was Kelle’s uber positive outlook on life. I also really enjoyed the full color photos that are found throughout the book. Kelle spends a lot of time talking about her support system which is made up of her friends and family. It made me think about my own experiences and what an important role my friends play in my own life. I’ve said this before, Kelle

s positive outlook on life rubs off on me and inspires me to life each day to the fullest. I have to admit, I like reading her blog more than I liked reading her book. I think because her blog is about so many different aspects of life. The book is truly about the experience of having her daughter Nella, stretched out across several chapters.

I won a signed copy of her book during a Target Baby twitter party. I would be happy to lend my book to a friend to read! If you are looking for a quick read, I would recommend Bloom.


Make A Difference Mondays

You may have heard me mention it before…the first Monday of the month, I will feature a character trait. Bloggers across the United Steas will link up with their ideas on how families and teachers can teach that specific character trait to their children. I have been researching my behind off about children, self-esteem and bullying. What I’ve found is how VERY important it is that children be given a chance to develop character traits at an early age. If you want to read about a specific trait, click on the Linky Party-How To link to the left of this page.

A Great Giveaway

I am super excited about the giveaway of my books over at Mama Natural. Click here and comment to enter to win!

The Mama Natural show has an episode that comes out every Thursday. They are usually about 5-8 minutes long. There is news of celebrities that are a part of the “crunchy” community and other fun tidbits about birth stories and the latest health trends. I am a huge fan and thrilled to hear that my birth story will be featured in the up coming months!