There is a giveaway for my books over at The Mama Natural Show!

I adore this program that comes out each week. It’s a 5-7 minute video that shares news that going on in the “crunchy mama” community. Here’s their philospphy: In an artificial and processed world, this site is a refuge, inspiration, and community for natural mamas.

I have to admit, for all the cloth diapers I change, baby purees I process, hiring a doula and for other natural things I have done, I am a crunchy mama myself! So I feel HONORED to have been on the show! You can watch it below or fast forward to the end to see how to enter to win my books!

Check out my guest post over at the blog, The Little Hearts Project. My colleague Holly has made it her mission to share ideas on her blog to help children grow into kind and caring individuals. Very fitting with my mission, Be The Difference!