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Here’s what I am loving lately: Oprah’s Life Class.

Since Oprah’s show retired, she started a series called Life Class. There were 25 episodes that aired in the fall. I recorded every single one. My husband was even intrigued and watched almost all of them with me. Oprah took stories from over her years of doing the show, combined the stories by theme, and used them to teach a lesson. After each week, I was touched, moved and inspired to make a change in my life or in the life of others.

A few years ago, my friend recommended I take a weekend workshop. I had been struggling with several relationships in my life and my friend saw this as a possible solution. She asked if I trusted her. I did. She told me the workshop would change my life. It did. Years of reading self-help books didn’t come close to what this class did for me. It was called The Landmark. I was featured in a local paper about a project I created, inspired by my work through The Landmark.

I know an entire weekend to attend a workshop and the cost are two things that could hold people back trying this life-altering class out. The good news is, with Oprah’s lifeclass, you don’t have to attend a weekend workshop. I will be honest, the impact is not the same as the weekend workship but you can still get a ton out of Oprah’s classes and they are free!

The new Spring series of Oprah’s Life Class gives you simple questions to answer for the week that are based on the lesson. You can do the work from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for your life purpose, a way to make a difference in this one. precious life or are struggling to forgive someone, these are just a few of the life lessons you will learn!

Now that I dedicated an entire post about why I love Oprah’s Life Class, I will stop posting about it on facebook!