I believe in realistic goals. Therefore, I have been creating monthly resolutions versus one for the entire year.

You can read about how I got this idea from the book, The Happiness Project here. So far, I have had three good months!

There is also something pretty powerful called One Little Word that I learned about. Choosing one word to guide you through the year. When I think of one word to help me focus on life this year, that word is BALANCE.

This month’s goal is Parenthood.

Practice makes better. I don’t believe in perfect. Today my older daughter was so sad because she asked me to pack her doctor kit to take to her grandma’s house. I packed the kit but it didn’t make it to the car. I left it in the foyer. My big kid was so disappointed. I apologized and tried explaining to her that even mamas make mistakes. I want her to see me as a loving mama who is human and makes mistakes but that I try my very best. I am one of the largest influences in my childrens’ lives. I want to put my focus this month on the following:

1. Being Present

I am happy to have the opportunity to be physically present in my girls’ lives. I am at home with them and loving it. Sometimes while I am physically present, mentally I am thinking about work and the things that need to be done before the days end. I want to focus on writing down those thoughts and getting back to being mentally present in the moment with my little ladies.

2. Be a role model

I have two girlfriends who I talk to on the phone just about every single day. I typically do this during nap time but sometimes it spills into the time I make dinner or when I am out driving here and there. Sometimes (enter mama guilt) I am driving with my girls in the car. Well, my older daughter is listening very intently to these phone calls. I am making a better effort this month to a. not talk on the phone to my girlfriends when my kids are around and b. if I am on the phone, screen the content! Above all… c. getting off the phone while the little ladies are in the car!

This next goal comes from Gretchin Rubin’s 10 parenting tips in The Happiness Project.

3. Say no only when it really matters.

Wear a bright red shirt with bright orange shorts? Sure. Put water in the toy tea set? Okay. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed? Fine. Samuel Johnson said, All severity that does not tend to increase good, or prevent evil, is idle. I have a lot of rules in place at home. I want to lighten up a little bit!

Do you have one extra minute today? Watch this video. What are your goals to better yourself as a parent? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Review of 2012 Goals

January: Health

(learn about Gluten Free Diets, start taking wheat grass shots, dry brushing, smoothies and hot water with lemon in the morning)

Follow-up: addicted to wheat grass and dry brushing. Smoothies and hot water (along with tea) have been easily incorporated into my daily routines.

February: Romance

(focus on my marriage, making time for each other, schedule date nights and make dave feel appreciated!)

Follow-up: Every other week date nights has been unreaslitic with an unpredictable newborn at home, but we have done really good on every other week lunch dates while grandma babysits!

March: Aim Higher (work)

(revise my current programs, develop outlines for my new programs, work with Pure Heart Studios on new blog format)

Follow-Up: March was a great month for work. I had almost 100 student letters written to me that I “promised” to answer and I have! I revised my current programs, didn’t get an outline for my new program yet and have launched a new program on my blog.

April: Parenthood

(being present, a role model, say no less (lighten up) and write my 10 commandments. Write my new book, I didn’t get to that last month!)