I love birthdays. I think they are special, no matter how old or young you are!

Today I want to share birthday traditions I have either practiced myself or I have heard about through the years.

Birthday Calendars

A cute calendar to remember birthdays. A simple email or phone call can really make a difference to someone…but you have to remember when that special day is!

Birthday Books

I love this idea from eighteen 25. You can make a birthday book to hold all the cards from your child birthdays. I am going to make one book for every five years for my kids. I don’t think they get THAT many cards to make an entire book!

Birthday Breakfast

Throw a candle in your child’s birthday pancakes. Usually, the actually birthday falls on a weekday. Make it special with a candle!

Exact Time Wishes

Make it a tradition to sing Happy Birthday at the EXACT time your child was born!

Family Tribute

Get the family gathered around in jammies with hot cocoa. Everyone says something nice they love about the family member whose birthday they are celebrating. One person records all of these nice things and puts them in an envelope “sealed with a kiss”. The birthday boy or girl will get all their envelopes when they turn 18 to open, read and enjoy!

Letter From Dad

In most households, the mom is the main memory keeper. Ask your husband to write a letter each year to your children on their birthday. He can include his dreams of the future for that child, fears, review their accomplishments from the past year, etc. Save these special letters to give to your child when they are older.


Take a picture of your child and using a photo editing program (I use PSE-Photoshop Elements) write your child’s current “likes” from that year. Add these to your child’s scrapbook and/or your family yearbook. Photo credit above: http://www.thejoblingfamily.com/

Daughter’s Day

This tradition has nothing to do with birthdays but I wanted to share it. Start a Daughter’s Day the Sunday after Mother’s Day. Go out on a date with your daughter. Do what SHE wants to do and buy HER a gift. Celebrate her for all that she is! Strengthen your relationship with a special tradition.

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