My 2012 Monthly Goals Update

January: I am keeping up with most of my health goals. I am now LOVING dry brushing! It’s therapeautic. It leaves my skin feeling refreshied and tingly! I have not juiced. I continue to make my fruit and veggie smoothies every other day but I am not juicing (I use dairy in mine, juicing is strictly fruits and veggies). I am still on wheatgrass and drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning.

February: Operation Love. More time with my husband. Date night was off to a great start. Then I had to cancel for baby having a fever and another time the babysitter cancelled on us. Otherwise, I am keeping my eyes open later than normal to talk with Dave and get in some extra snuggles. Okay, not all nights. Last night I fell asleep at 7:00 while feeding the babe. But, I met Dave for a lunch date yesterday. I like the lunch dates and since February we’ve been on several! I am fresh, energetic, and I have a free babysitter on Tuesdays (Grandma comes once a week for me to run errands, grocery shop and allows me to have special time with my oldest child alone).

March: Aim higher at work. This has been off to a SUPER start until today. I went to teach my spinning class. My ipod was not charged but that was fine because to aim higher at work, I put a back up playlist on my iphone. But, I couldn’t get it to work. I also had a back up cd. But, it skipped. It was a nightmere. A member in the class let me use their iphone and we survived. I felt like the universe was really challenging me…reminding me to aim higher!

I came across these great questions to answer with your spouse on this blog. The blogger got them from a marriage workshop she attended. The simple act of slowing down each night and reconnecting with your significant other is so important to not only your relationship but to your family. Dave and I are the foundation of this family and we need to work at it to keep it solid. Like a rock 🙂

  • When I first knew I loved you and wanted to marry you.

  • My own strengths and weaknesses–how I feel about them. Things I am working to improve.

  • Events and situations that make me happy–activities that I enjoy doing.

  • How marriage has been different than I thought it would be.

  • An outstanding trait I think you have developed since we got married.

  • My favorite scripture, poem, or spiritual experience.

  • How I feel about our home and family–how I would like it to be; if I could change one thing.

  • How I feel about being a dad/mom.

  • The meaning of intimacy to me–what part it plays in my life.

  • How I feel about my work and/or homemaking role.

  • What I enjoy about marriage compared to being single.

  • My attitude about money, spending, and saving.

  • Things that depress, frustrate, or discourage me.

  • A trait I like in other people that I wish I had.

  • An area I could use some help in carrying out better in our marriage.

Before I leave you tonight, remember we will close the four-part cloth diapering series by Maggie this week. Check back on Friday!