Gas prices are high.

We have paperwork piled on the kitchen table to get ready for taxes.

I have loads of work to do before Monday.

The house is a mess.

It looks like my laundry room was hit by a tornado but¦

Today we’ve decided to show up. We are headed on a road trip to visit good friends of ours who just moved away.

Friendships are a priority to Dave and I. We get a lot of support from our friends and we want to show the same support to them in return. I personally want my friends to know that I am there when they need me. I see this attribute in my husband and I admire how he helps so many people when he is so busy himself. He does it without complaining too. He inspires me to do the same. There’s nothing worse than asking someone for help, then hearing them complain about this and that making you feel like you are a burden. Yuck. I have people in my life who do this and they suck my energy out, making the friendship feel toxic. That’s another blog post, or turn on Oprah’s Life Class and see what she has to say about toxic relationships. I’ve learned a ton from her new series.

I know you have heard me mention the book The Happiness Project. Gretchin talks about relationships and their correlation to happiness in this two-minute video. Her book has a great chapter on showing up in relationships. I think about a friend of mine, Emily, who lives super far from the rest of the gals in my recipe club. She never complains about the distance, the gas prices, the time it takes to get there and it’s apparent that our friendships mean that much to her. She’s also a full time working mom who goes above and beyond to make each day count for her family.

So think about it, how can you show up for others today and everyday?

Time is precious. My girls are growing up right before my eyes and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. It makes me think about the song The Cat’s in The Cradle by Cat Stevens. Boo hoo. This one-minute video by Gretchin Rubin is a good reminder to slow down and show up.