March is my busy month for work. It’s reading month! Today is also the day that the winner of the $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card was chosen. The winner was announced here.

This month I will travel around to schools presenting on anti-bullying, reading and writing topics. It is a ton of fun to be in front of up to five hundred students at a time. I also get to visit schools around the country through Skype from my own home. I worked with a school in Alabama a few days ago!

Literacy starts early and it begins at home. I feel lucky to have had the experiences of teaching reading as a first grade teacher and reading specialist. Because I know several of my readers are parents without formal literacy training, I want to share my expertise with you!

I recently wrote a post about alphabet awareness. Check it out. I also wrote one about reading as a family and the language you can use when reading TO your child. You not only want your children to learn all of their letters but more importantly, you want them to learn the sounds those letters make. Try to incorporate literacy games and activities daily into your toddlers life. Plan for these just as you would plan for your weekly meals. Sit down and prepare an activity a day. For ideas of easy, at-home activities, follow my Literacy Activities board on Pinterest.

Books are also a crucial part to literacy development. Start your collection by visiting local thrift shops and garage sales.

Above are some of my favorite rhyming books and patterned books. Check them out! You can also follow my Pinterest board called Books Worth Reading for other favorites to stock up your at-home library.

Check back for more information on teaching your child to read. But remember, it starts with daily reading TO your child and alphabet awareness! Here are some tips for choosing books for different ages and stages! Now, stop reading my blog and start reading to your kiddos!