I was interviewed on The Children Author’s Show a few weeks ago. The host told me that for a sucessful interview, I needed to talk loud and be energetic. I followed suit and the interview makes me laugh when I think about how I took his advice! You can listen to the interview here for the next 24 hours. Please share my interview with your friends and family. Again, I am writing to make a difference in any small or big way that I can. After the Ohio shooting, it makes my mission to spread awareness of bullying and self-esteem even more important.

Today is the end of the month. Looking back on my February resolution (monthly resolutions inspired by The Happiness Project), I can say that I met my goal of putting more of an effort into our marriage. Date nights, spontinaity, nights in, less time in front of the tv (Do you struggle with this? Check out this video) and more time together. I even learned some news things about Dave! We’ve known each other for 19 years now so it’s hard to say there are things I don’t know about him. I learned that the simple act of stepping away from what I am doing and saying goodbye to him in the morning and greeting him with a big kiss and hug at the door when he gets home at night mean the world to him. It’s really an easy thing to do (most of the time)! I was also reminded several times this month that Dave bends over backwards for me. Something I don’t want to let go unnoticed. For a fun game to play with your partner, print out these questions and place in a jar for at-home date nights. It’s called The Question Jar by Pamela Donnis.

Did you focus on romance this month? What did you find out? Comment below and tell me some ways you keep the spark alive in your household!

For the month of March, I am going to aim higher in my job. This is my busiest month for work and I am going to step it up a notch! That means I am going to show up prepared and enthusiastic to speak to schools about bullying and my role as a children’s author. I am revising my current programs and will complete outlines for a few new programs I am going to offer this Fall. In addition, I plan on writing my 12 Commandments, as suggested by Gretchin Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. You can find out more about writing your own list of commandments on her blog here.

Once I write my list of commandments, I want to create a similar visual like the one above from Jessica Sprague. She also has a neat poster class I want to take down the road here.

Resolutions (I have a separate list specific to work):

January: Health

(learn about Gluten Free Diets, start taking wheat grass shots, dry brushing, smoothies and hot water with lemon in the morning)

February: Romance

(focus on my marriage, making time for each other, schedule regular date nights and make dave feel appreciated!)

March: Aim Higher (work)

(revise my current programs, develop outlines for my new programs, work with Pure Heart Studios on new blog format and START WRITING MY NEW BOOK)