Did I get your attention?

It’s simple, pin the image below for a chance to win a $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.

I bet you might be wondering what it means to pin an image? If you aren’t already addicted to Pinterest then head on over there today and check it out! It is an online source where you have the ability to save images from online to different categories (known as boards) to go back to later and browse.

For example, I am planning my daughter’s third birthday. Each time I see something on a website or blog I like, I pin it to a board called “Birthday Ideas” I don’t suck up the space on my computer saving images. The creativity on Pinterest is insane! Let’s just say, playdates have gotten a lot more exciting since I’ve learned about Pinterest!

I’ll stop blabbing now, so you can start pinning!


Click the “Pin It” button below the image. Come back to this blog post and click in the giveaway box that you pinned the image. It will ask you for your Pinterest Username. This is how we will randomly select a winner. You can also have additional entries by selecting other tasks in the giveaway box. For more information on how to use this giveaway tool, click here.

P.S. Board suggestions to pin this image to: Must Read Books, Books for Kids, and Gifts for Kids.

Pin It

Please share this contest with your family, friends, facebook pals, blogger buddies, etc. I am making a huge effort to increase my blog readership and gain exposure to my books because I believe the message that they are putting out there is timeless and much needed in today’s society!
Thank you, Maria

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