My friend Danielle and I were talking the other day (well, we talk every day). We were talking about how much fun we are having planning and executing plans for our families to make them smile and to start traditions they will look back on with gratitude. She gave me the idea to video tape Dave and I each year on our anniversary. I cherish those videos already and it’s only been 6 years! The videos go like this: We have a cat, I’m pregnant, we have a baby, we no longer have the cat, we are pregnant again, etc.

Danielle has a journal that she keeps and writes to her husband in once a year. It serves as the same documentation as the video; what they’ve been up to that year, etc. This conversation led me to think about how much time and effort I put into preserving memories for my girls, why aren’t I doing the same for my relationship with my husband? I save cards, I make the video, but then what?

Problem solved. I bought a red box and put M & D on the box. I went through my “Happy Day Box” I started years ago. It’s filled with cards, emails, notes, tickets stubs, letters from students, my parents, etc. Oh, there are also progress reports and report cards in there too! Going through the box today made me chuckle! My progress reports had “excessive talking” marked more than once! Anyhow, I took anything pertaining to Dave and I out and put these memories in the red box. Dave was with me as I went through the box, it was entertaining!

This “Love Box” will be a part of our love story. One day our girls will be able to go back and read about how much their parents loved each other. I am lucky to have known Dave since he was 14 so our memories go way back (19 years to be exact)! There were concert tickets from 1994 (The Cranberries and Sloan). Movie tickets (Armageddon and You’ve Got Mail). Plane tickets (old school before we started printing them out). I even have our break up emails. Those mean a lot to me too. Without the break up, I don’t think we would be as solid as we are today!

Back to what’s going in the box….I saved golf and bowling score cards, notes we passed back and forth in high school and college, pictures from way back when. You name it, I saved it. The best part of all was the email I had printed out in 1997. I can remember being in college having first learned how to use email. I printed an email from Dave on that old school paper with the little holes on the sides. My maiden name is on the email. It is filled with sweet words and I love everything about that little piece of paper.

In short, you are making history right now. You are writing your love story! Start saving random things that help illustrate your love for each other. Things that give a small glimpse into your love story. Pull the box out every now and then and let the smiles and laughter begin!

P.S. We played scrabble last night (not on our phones, the real deal)! We didn’t turn on the television and I wasn’t on my computer. I can describe the evening in one word. Refreshing. I’m going to throw the score card in our box (maybe I should wait until I am the winner)!

P.P.S Check out this great anniversary book. Not sure why it’s so expensive but a great memory keeper!