I am super excited about the release of a new book. It’s called Bloom. It’s written by Kelle Hampton, a blogger I learned about from my recipe club friends a few years back. My friend Emily is organizing a book club to discuss the book and we hope because of this, we will qualify to have the author Skype in during our book club discussion. I can’t tell you how happy this makes Emily and I!

This may sound really strange, but reading Kelle (who I don’t know personally) has inspired me in so many ways. Most importantly, reading her blog has made me want to be the best mother I can possibly be. It’s reminded me to be present in what I do with my girls (something that does not always come easy to me).

Her blog has reminded me how lucky we are to be here today, that it’s okay to want more than one thing out of life and that there’s beauty to be found in the unexpected. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to leave a pile of laundry when, in exchange, it will give you time spent with your children. I’ll admit, there are also days when I think “How does she do it? Is this chick for real?”

The answer is in her blog. She writes about how she struggles to find balance in her life, that she often feels pulled in too many directions and those comments alone help answer my question. Yes, she’s for real. She’s real, from Michigan (awesome) and is an amazing person all around!

On a side note, Kelle’s given me the courage to wear red lipstick! By wearing red lipstick myself, I have inspired a few other friends to wear red lipstick. Why not?

Is there a blogger out there that inspires you? Please share their link in the comments below. I read blogs like I read books, way more than I watch television. I’m always looking for new bloggers to read!