Mission accomplished! We have a new date night babysitter (who I think was an excellent find) and our first date night was a hit. We went to a local restaurant and by chance we were seated right in front of the big fireplace. It was so nice to sit and talk to Dave without a million little interruptions. Granted we were home by 9:00 and fast asleep on the couch by 9:30 (we didn’t even make it through a show we like, Up All Night) it was worth every penny spent.

There is a website I recently discovered, dedicated to Date Nights and strengthening marriages (Dating Divas). I have been reading through their 7-10 pages of date night ideas and picked a few that sounded like nights Dave and I would enjoy! The idea of themed date nights is cheesy but on the other hand, a great way to mix things up!

Date Night Line Up:

Hot Topics-The “Let’s Talk” Questionaire

A Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip (I might do this one in a few weeks when we go visit friends in Grand Rapids)

Post It Note Date

Love on the Run

Bookstore Date

One more…how about a themed dinner party!

And for fun—-print out these compliments and stick them in your friends, lovers, etc. shoes, purses, work bags, where ever!!!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. I wanted to share my plans with you!

1. My daughter and I are going to bake a heart shaped cake for dessert that night.

2. I have presents for both the girls and I will surprise them with their gifts at dinner (just like my mom did for us!)

3. In the morning, I am going to run out to Kroger and get a dozen ballons. I am going to write reasons I love my family on little heart shaped cards ahead of time and tie them to the bottom of each balloon. Balloons are a loads of fun for my two year old. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees them that morning!

4. We are all going to wear red for dinner! I don’t think Dave has red so I won’t subject him to this silly tradition. Or maybe I will go out and get him a red tie with hearts on it. That’s something I bet Kohl’s carries!

Check out my Pintrest board “Valentine’s Day” for links to the pictures above or other fun ideas I’ve come across. Tell me some of your ideas for Date Nights and Valentine’s Day in the comments below, please?