My daughter and I are in a Mom and Tot Preschool Class. It is two hours a week and we do a lot of crafts! I really enjoy our time together, especially at the end of class when we sing a very catchy tune and clap for the children as the teacher passes out the artwork. Yes, my daughter is two and we already have a collection of artwork.

I can’t possibily save every piece and if I don’t think ahead on organizing this work, we will be swimming in tempura projects by the time my oldest goes to Kindergarten!

I came across a wonderful tutorial (scroll down near the bottom of the page) on keeping your child’s work in a file box in a very organized manner. A folder for every school year, complete with a school picture. My friend Danielle reminded me to add class pictures and report cards in there too! The best part of this idea is that you don’t have to create any of the cute labels and what not, they are all freebies.

I bought my boxes, 2 for $9.99 at Ikea. I am going to have my girls decorate the outside of their boxes when they are older.

Check out these other cute memory storing boxes I picked up from Home Goods for $7.99 a piece! I bought each of my girls two of them. So far I put a rubberband around all my daughter’s first birthday cards, second birthday cards and put them in the box. I also included special things like my pregnancy book, her baby book, her baptism candle and a onesie of hers. I’ve also gotten in the habit of burning cds of pictures and dvds of videos of them and putting them in their boxes. This way when they leave the house as adults and want to take away memories, everything is in one place!

How do you organize your precious memories? In March, I will have a guest blogger writing about her take on memory keepers!