Operation Love is well under way! It is such a fun resolution!

Last week I started off by telling you I wanted to start paying a little more attention to my husband. With two little ones in the house, our relationship was being put on the back burner. Here are a few updates on Operation Love!

1. Instead of running errands while I had Grandma watching the girls last week, I surprised Dave and called him up to meet me for an impromptu lunch!

2. I set up a new babysitter (Thanks for sharing D) for an every other week date night!

3. My daughter and I made a card for Dave and hid it in his suitcase before he left for a work trip to Atlanta.

4. I have been jotting ideas down from this amazing website: The Dating Divas: Strengthening Marriages One Date at a Time. They have inexpensive ideas on keeping the spark going!

5. I read this article over at The Happiness Project Blog. I have been thinking a lot about my love language and what Dave’s might be. I know we have different ways of giving and receiving love. Dave does not get a lot out of receiving gifts but I think he appreciates quality time together. If you can define your partners love language, you can really hone in on making them feel special in ways that they can receive it which most likely is different than how you might receive love.

For example, I am a huge fan of telling people I love them but that might not be what Dave needs. The simplest text or email from Dave will make me feel special for days on end. Knowing that, he can focus on expressing his love to me through words but I might need to reach out to him in another way. These different types of giving and receiving love are defined in the article by Gretchin Rubin. It’s short, sweet and makes a lot of sense!

If you are interested in adding some love to your house in an easy way, download these love notes, cut them out and hide them in your hubby’s sock drawer, shaving kit, work bag, etc. Have fun with it! And remember this important truth…

It is far better to give, than it is to receive!