Welcome February! My focus this month is love. Here is a great (4 minutes in length) video to check out from Gretchin Rubin, author of the bestseller The Happiness Project. She will describe her take on love and it’s connection to bringing happiness to our lives. I owe the motivation for my monthly goals to Gretchin’s inspiring book!

My focus on love this month is going to be on my relationship with my husband. We’ve recently added a new baby to the mix and it has added a whole new challenge to finding alone time together. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little ladies, but they will be leaving me in about 18 years and it will be just Dave and I again. I acknowledge that things change with children but at the same time I am dedicated to keeping the spark alive!

Dave and I have a love story. A story I want to write one day for our girls so they can see that they come from so. much. love.

Dave and I met in when I was 15 (19 years ago, crazy) and we quickly became the best of friends. We didn’t start dating until college. Then he broke my heart when he told me he was moving to Arizona for work. For 4 years we went our separate ways, dated other people and grew in ways that I don’t think we could have if we would have remained a couple. Then Dave moved home, we went out to lunch and the rest is history. I could tell you about how special he is, how sparks fly when he’s around, how he does the little things that matter and what an amazing father he is, but I think I will save my breath and tell HIM how much I love what he does and who he is!

So this month I am exploring ways to strengthen our relationship. I started a few days ago with an idea from Pinterest via The Dating Divas Blog. A simple idea to keep the positive compliments going between us. Here’s what I did: I printed off this freebie, stuck it in a frame and placed it in our bathroom. It is a place for us to leave each other notes. Dave’s are pretty funny and make me laugh but I managed to snap a shot at a very special note he left me below.

Keep checking back this month to see what else I am implementing to keep the spark alive!