That’s a wrap! The blog tour is officially over. It is bittersweet. I met some really wonderful, creative and talented people along the way. I’ve also learned so much about the blogging community. First of all, it’s huge. But at the same time, the connections that people have with each other make it seem small. I think it’s neat having virtual friends all over the country. I feel so lucky to have had this experience. Below are some highlights from the tour:

1.Connecting with Barbara again. She’s awesome! She posted this article about trustworthiness yesterday. I really like what she stands for!

2. This post from photographer Christina McGuire had rave reviews (and plenty of hits).

3. Things I Love Thursdays over at The Diaper Diaries. I am going to continue linking up to her each Thursday!

4. Cheryl outdid herself with this fabulous unit of lesson plans!

5. My interview on Chatting with Charity.

If you can’t listen to the interview, check it out here on Blog Talk Radio.

Now that January is coming to an end, I am evaluating my experience with my January resolution: health. You can read about what I incorporated into my daily health regimen in this post.

This is what I found out:

  • Dry brushing kind of hurts. It’s like plucking your eyebrows, you know it’s for a good cause, but it doesn’t feel good.

  • Yoga started off great but it was easy to skip when I got busy with the tour because I would say “Oh, it’s just yoga. I’m still doing all my cardio all week.” I don’t agree with that excuse so I am going to move into February trying to incorporate yoga weekly, again.
  • I love wheatgrass. My husband is taking shots too. Every three days. This way we buy just one box of the frozen shots a month, works with our budget!
  • I haven’t juiced yet! I continue to make my smoothies daily but I have to buy a special strainer for my blender (excuses) at the local hardware store (it’s a paint strainer) and I haven’t been to Home Depot this month (when do I ever go there?)
  • I like the way I feel with less Gluten in my diet!

February is the month of love. That’s where my focus will be. More to come on that tomorrow!